Cybernut, a 2nd generation IT consulting firm, was founded way back in 1999.

Let’s Talk About Your Future…
Network security and monitoring, equipment maintenance and optimization, business continuity/disaster recover, cloud migration… sure, we can do all of that for you.
But who cares?
Of course we provide those services, we’re an IT company. Just about every IT company does that.

What we’ve found to be more important to our clients is that we know how to use our 15+ years of experience to help them plan for the future.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years, or even in 10 years? We want to sit down and discuss your goals so that we can craft a plan of our own to make sure your IT infrastructure is always helping you grow rather than holding you back.

A bit of history…
Cybernut was founded back in 1999. A lot has changed since then. When we were just getting started many people were convinced computers couldn’t handle switching over from ‘99 to ‘00, that a simple change in year would be enough to bring society as we know it crashing down.

Of course, Y2K didn’t pan out as advertised. People need to have a little faith in their technology: it’s capable of more than you think.

In the 15+ years we’ve been around, Cybernut Solutions has seen smartphones and the cloud and other developments change the way businesses view IT. We’re here to help you understand how technology can make your employees more efficient, increase revenue, and give you an advantage over competitors.

Protect Your Data

Keep the Cyber Criminals at Bay

Data loss got people’s attention when Target and Home Depot lost tens of millions of customer credit card numbers, and then Sony had some very embarrassing private emails exposed.

You only hear about security breaches in the news every couple months, but attacks are much more frequent. In 2014 alone over 300 million new pieces of malware were created. If data loss is involved in an attack, the financial consequences are devastating.

It costs an average of $150 per compromised file to recover from a security breach, and with thousands of files being compromised in the average attack you’re looking at a six or seven-figure hit from just a single incident.

And the cost of data loss itself is only the first thing you’ll have to deal with if your network is breached and you belong to a highly-regulated industry. Hospitals have to deal with HIPAA, retail stores have PCI DSS standards to worry about, financial organizations must always be prepared for SEC and FDIC audits, etc.

Cybernut Solutions has 15+ years of experience working with all those verticals. We know how to protect your data and navigate all the rules and regulations that need to be met to make sure you’re safe from potential penalties and fines.

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