At Cybernut Solutions our Business Continuity Planning provides complete backup and disaster recovery solutions to protect your company from the unforeseen dangers that threaten your business.

Disasters can come from a variety of sources including natural disasters that occur from floods, tornados and earthquakes. They can stem from man made causes such as a fire, vandalism or an urban riot. Or, they come from some simple human error such as an employee spilling a cup of coffee or unintentionally deleting important files.

Whatever the cause, you need to have the appropriate back-ups in place to keep your business running and we have the business continuity planning you to keep your business operating.

Cybernut Solutions leverages virtualization by keeping a hot spare host server available to quickly move virtual servers between physical host servers are part of our backup & disaster recovery strategy to provide near real time failover during server outage events.

Cybernut Solutions provides holistic and complete disaster recovery solutions including:

  • Data backup
  • Computer hard drive backup, and
  • Complete hardware and system recovery

You know you’re business is covered no matter what type of disaster occurs.

Our Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery will:

  • Provide every aspect of protection for your business with comprehensive computer data back up
  • Update your business – we automate the continual backup of your data and systems, so it is always up-to-date
  • Eliminate exposure to the risk and susceptibility of losing all your data – we make sure your critical customer data is safe and sound
  • Recover quickly – in the event of a data catastrophe, we guarantee a speedy recovery
  • Protect more than just data – we safeguard your entire system, including data and email for a full recovery, no matter what the cause

Cybernut Solutions provides tailor made business continuity and disaster recovery strategy to suit the specialized needs of your individual company including:

  • Offsite data backup and recovery services
  • Online backup
  • Hard drive and data backup
  • Computer backup
  • Online disaster recovery plan
  • Hard drive and file data recovery
  • Computer recovery
  • Business continuity plan
  • Remote data backup

We include as an item in our recurring services, priced per server to cover licensing for images to local NAS storage and offsite storage to our AWS S3 Amazon storage and long term archives to Amazon Glacier accounts.

We are partnered with Servosity,  StorageCraft, Amazon S3 & Glacier Storage.

At Cybernut Solutions we provide complete disaster and recovery strategies to protect your bottom line. Call us today at (972) 216-8800 or email us at and let us give your business the protection it needs to survive.