Use Local Phone Number When Calling The Help Desk!

Please note our local number to reach the help desk is 972-216-8800 extension 2. Our toll free number is no longer valid for calling into the help desk and is printed on some of our older mouse pads that users may be using. We have new mouse pads ordered with the updated information. Of course keep in mind that our preferred method of opening support issues is by submitting your request via email to us at which streamlines the process and auto creates the ticket and assigns a technician placing it in queue immediately. Calling in should be reserved for critical issues!

Operation Cebu Help Has Kicked Off To Aid Those Typhoon Victims In The Central Philippines

This month we are asking our friends and clients to join us in supporting the local people of Cebu who’s homes were devastated by Super Typhoon Haiyan on Friday Nov 8th, the strongest typhoon on record to ever make land fall in history.  We have created a help Cebu page here at  to update our work with local officials there in getting basic aid to those currently without power and struggling to survive with the basic needs for fresh water, food, kerosene, fuel, as most areas will be without power for at least a month.  Many of the survivors are living with relatives and in shelters as more than 100 homes were completely destroyed in the small barangay of Columboyan and many of the surrounding villages and rural areas.  Please visit the page above for more information and updates as we work to provide much needed assistance to these areas.