Healthcare and Medical

IT for Healthcare and Medical

Cybernut Solutions ensures Your IT Rx Data is Safe, Secure, and Private because we understand the complexities of healthcare IT.

We know that your client and patient confidentiality is paramount. We also understand the technology challenges that face the healthcare and medical profession.

Increasing demands from government regulations such as HIPAA now require that EMR records become automated in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our consultants can show you how to become fully compliant with all HIPAA requirements because if you fail an audit the costs and fines to your healthcare or medical practice can be expensive.

Healthcare and Medical IT
Cybernut Solutions is the right choice because our expertise in this area is comprehensive as we know not only how to help your practice pass a HIPAA compliance audit with ongoing support, we will increase your overall efficiency and reduce billing costs in the process.

Our IT professionals at Cybernut Solutions will review your current security protocols and provide protection so all your data and confidential patient information is fully secure from outside intrusion.

Your Software must be integrated for speed and reliability as doctors and administrators need network access at all times. We will ensure that your medical and healthcare practice will satisfy HIPAA regulations and other government mandates regarding all of your Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

Cybernut Solutions will provide a stable, properly functioning computer network that ensures:


Full HIPAA compliance


EMR/EHR/HIS/PMS software functions properly


Make certain software is properly integrated for dependability


Lowers your costs


Frees up your staff to concentrate on patient care.


Shortens the billing cycle


Increases your efficiency

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